A Mom Of Four Documents Her Postpartum Body And Learns To Honor It

Sarah Nicole Landry is a mother of four young children who went from sharing her experience in a blog to inspiring so many women that she became an entrepreneur.

Nicole’s success comes from her ability to be completely raw and vulnerable, to admit her defeat and to still stay optimistic in her postpartum journey. From her good days where she embraces every stretch mark to her bad days where all she could do was cry, she’s not afraid to share every moment.

It Took Her EIGHT Years To Love Her Body Again

Nicole has taken a big step in admitting that postpartum isn’t just something that happens for the first few months after giving birth. It’s a difficult process that can take years to get through.

For her, it took her eight years to not cry when she saw her own body. She realized the first step is to stop dismissing the way you feel.