Mom Of Three Shares The 27 Things She Wished She’d Known As A New Mom

Parenting is hard. There’s too much information available, everyone has an opinion about how you should raise your kids, you have no idea if you’re doing it “right,” and you’re just praying you don’t traumatize your kids permanently.

To give comfort to the new parents she knows, mom-of-three Casey Huff wrote a post on Facebook of the 27 things she wished she could tell herself as a first-time mom, and now her great advice has gone viral. The biggest take away is the best thing you can do is love your children, but here’s all of Casey’s advice…

You Will Sleep Again. Someday.

baby asleep on mom
Photo Credit: Instagram / @expectful
Photo Credit: Instagram / @expectful

It may seem like you haven’t had a full night’s sleep in weeks (because you haven’t) and you’re questioning if your baby is ever going to sleep through the night, but Casey wants you to know that day will eventually come.