A Mother Is Teaching Her Daughters That Virginity Is Made-Up

One thing that a lot of new parents tell themselves is that they’re going to do certain things differently than their parents did. We don’t realize until we are adults how flawed some of the logic is that we are taught as kids. And it isn’t even our parents’ fault necessarily, it’s just kind of the way society is, and we’ve allowed it to exist that way for so long.

That’s why it’s so important to highlight the places that we can make changes, and one mom thinks a good place to start is the way we talk about virginity.

It Started With A Viral TikTok

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Photo Credit: TikTok / @book_mama
Photo Credit: TikTok / @book_mama

A TikTok blogger named Nevada Shareef asked the other parents of TikTok to share with her things about their parenting style that others might not approve of.

The video has millions of views, and over 6,000 comments, so it’s obviously a topic people feel passionately about.