Most Uncool Things Boomers Still Think Are Cool

Baby boomers have been known to complain about millennials but generational complaining is nothing new. The Silent Generation also complained about Baby Boomers. Each generation has its differences and those differences often focus on how we live our lives in very different and unique ways.

From wearing jorts to binge-watching 24-hour network news, these are things most people under the age of 40 wouldn’t admit to doing. But folks born between 1946 and 1964 often insist that these things are still relevant. If you think any of the following things are significant today… you might be a baby boomer.

They Tend To Love Their Cruises

It’s easy to see why baby boomers love going on cruises. Not only do you get to visit new places, but you can also lay out by the pool or hit the buffet in the meantime. Cruises are usually all-inclusive and can take you throughout the Caribbean, Europe, or even Alaska.

cruise buffet
Peter Bischoff/Getty Images
Peter Bischoff/Getty Images

The cruises themselves aren’t necessarily what’s uncool. It’s the fact that you’ll likely be trapped within a crowd of people on a boat the whole time that serves as the big caveat to going on a cruise.