Organize Your Keys With This Tool If It Looks Like A Crypt Keepers’ Keychain

There’s something about growing up that just forces you to start hoarding things. As you get older, suddenly you find yourself with 17 lamps, hundreds of books, and countless empty boxes ‘because you never know when you’ll need a good box.’ One thing that can get out of hand is your keychain.

Suddenly you have 13 keys, half of them you’re not even sure why you have, but wouldn’t dare part with them. If your keychain is weighing you down and you can’t find the one that opens your front door, the KeySmart keychain is going to finally get things organized.

A Swiss Army Knife For Your Keys

up close shot of keysmart
Photo Credit: Amazon / KeySmart
Photo Credit: Amazon / KeySmart

Most of us walk around with a jumble of keys shoved in our pockets, which can poke and prod at us if we sit the wrong way. The KeySmart keychain finally makes that mess a little more organized.