Parenting Techniques From Around The World

There is no one “correct” way to raise children despite what the parenting books might say. It’s common to have that experience of going over to a friend’s house during childhood and being shocked by how different their parents acted compared to yours.

Further outside your own neighborhood or country, parenting techniques differ even more from what we’re used to in ways that can seem absurd. These are some of the most shocking parenting techniques that are totally normal in other parts of the world.

Finnish Children Spend Less Time In The Classroom

Photo Credit: Fishman / ullstein bild via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Fishman / ullstein bild via Getty Images

While homework is barely existent and they have longer holiday breaks than most students worldwide, Finnish children rank amongst the smartest on a global level: they are consistently near or at the top of rankings for math, science, and literacy.

However, Finnish students start school later than most children in first-world countries at age seven. Prior to starting school, children are expected to play and be active while exercising creativity.