Parents Need To Let Go Of These Things In Order To Raise An Independent Child

Parenting is no easy feat. It’s extremely challenging to raise a child into a fully-functioning human being. It’s hard to strike a balance between being there for them and caring for them while also encouraging them to be independent and self-sufficient.

There are different types of maturity: emotional, physical, moral, intellectual, and social. In order to help your kids develop their skills in each of these areas, it’s important to offer leeway for them to learn. Here are 10 things you shouldn’t do (and 10 you should) to help your child grow into an independent person.

Don’t: Do Everything For Your Child

A nine month old baby girl at meal time.
Photo Credit: Tim Clayton / Corbis via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Tim Clayton / Corbis via Getty Images

By doing everything for your child, they never develop the ability to do things for themselves and instead remain reliant on you for assistance in all of their basic tasks.