Paying Your Kids For Doing Well In School Or Sports Might Actually Worsen Their Performance

When it comes to putting in hard work, some children find it more difficult than others to stay motivated and focused. Naturally, many parents will want to help incentivize their kids to put more work into their school assignments and extracurriculars, and some might even use rewards like money to do the job.

However, psychologists suggest that these tactics might actually hinder performance in the long run.

It’s A Pretty Common Practice

person holding money
Photo Credit: Unsplash / JP Valery
Photo Credit: Unsplash / JP Valery

Growing up, I had classmates who would have deals with their parents based on their grades; for example, one boy’s parents offered to pay him $5 for every grade above a B on his report card.

Similarly, when I was playing competitive soccer as a kid, parents would give players on my team a cash reward for every goal they scored in a season. It seemed like a natural way to make the kid work harder, right?