People Are Sharing Their Family’s Darkest Secrets And They’ll Make You Feel Normal

Everyone has their secrets—it’s just part of being human. We sometimes forget that these secrets can be something that might bring us together if we felt brave enough to share them, or they might be secrets that would break everything down.

These people have shared some of their family’s weirdest and most wacky family secrets, and let’s just say you’re going think you’re totally normal after this.

This Was A Roller Coaster Ride

a story about someone who forgets who they are and becomes a pirate
Photo Credit: Reddit / Floradonna // Unsplash / rozetsky
Photo Credit: Reddit / Floradonna // Unsplash / rozetsky

The person who heard this story thought that it was totally unbelievable until they were shown proof like letters from the priest and written testimonials from other people who knew him.