People Hating On A Picture Of A Dad And His Son Get Shut Down Big Time

Toxic masculinity. Let’s talk about it. For what seems like forever, there has been this kind of stigma against men being emotional and open with themselves and who they are. They have to fit this kind of mold of a manly man, red-blooded, not really close to anyone.

We’ve somehow tricked ourselves into thinking that violence is a good way to know if someone is powerful, that expressing emotions is weakness, and that we, men especially, have to present this kind of hardness.

When You Say It Out Loud, It Seems Dumb, Right?

Tweet: You can't drink the best drinks at the bar because they contain a color
Photo Credit: Twitter / @map_keeper
Photo Credit: Twitter / @map_keeper

Like, it’s gotten to a point where men and women are going to make fun of a guy for wanting to order a fruity drink at the bar, which is stupid because they’re delicious.

So very delicious.