People With Strict Parents Share The Most Insane Rules Their Parents Enforced

Growing up, pretty much every kid thinks that their parents are too strict with their rules and then, as adults, people start to understand where their parents were coming from. However, some people’s parents truly were unreasonably strict.

On Reddit, these people came together to share the most strict and irrational rules their parents enforced when they were younger.

Peeing After Midnight Is Forbidden!

My parents had sensors on our doors so they could tell if we left our rooms during the night and we weren't allowed to use the bathrooms after midnight for some reason.
Text Credit: Reddit / UnequalRaccoon
Text Credit: Reddit / UnequalRaccoon

As someone whose child has a habit of getting out of bed after being tucked in, I can understand these parents’ motivation, but putting sensors on the door or limiting when kids can use the washroom is too far.