These Photos Prove That The ’80s Were The Coolest Time In Human History

A lot of things happened in the 1980s. Lady Diana became a princess, The Simpsons made their TV debut, the Berlin Wall was torn down, and all of the people on this list were living their best lives. Seriously, how were people this cool? Keep reading to see actual photos of peoples’ parents and grandparents from the 1980s.

We would do anything to have just an ounce of their confidence and swagger. The fashion is absolutely insane.

Chilling In Egypt

Reddit user heythatsprettygood posted this photo of his father in Egypt in the 1980s. Honestly, this looks like it could be a movie poster.

He looks so cool in those sunglasses, and that mustache is everything.

What A Car

This very ’80s photo features Reddit user RangerBrilliant1720’s aunt standing next to her first car, a Toyota Supra.

That matching tracksuit is very ’80s. As is her stylishly poofy hairstyle.

Hanging Out With The Boys

Reddit user AmbientCowboy posted this photo of his grandfather (the guy on the left) hanging out with two of his best friends.

We love how they all match their cars. So amazing.

Mom And Dad

Reddit user RedHotToaster posted this photo of his parents online. This photo is from back in the ’80s before they got married.

His dad looks like he could be a long-lost Bee Gees member.

An After-School Special

These boys look like they stepped right out of an after-school special.

From the geometric patterns on their clothes to the length of their shorts, everything is so very ’80s.

Big Hair, Don’t Care

This group of friends epitomizes classic ’80s hair. Check out that guy on the far left. That’s a full head of hair if we’ve ever seen one.

They’re serving us straight-up ’80s realness.

They Match

Reddit user Ochreman posted this photo of his parents online from when they were dating in the 1980s.

How is it that they have the exact same hairstyle? It’s the exact same color, too.

Punk Rock

The punk scene was a huge part of the 1980s, and apparently it was a huge part of Reddit user CONGONEWILD’s father’s teenage years, too.

His dad was in a punk band back in the day.

Sipping On Her Drink

Reddit user flocka-flocka posted this picture of her aunt online. It looks like that drink is half her size.

The composition of this photo is absolutely perfect. And so is the backscratcher that came with the drink!

What A Suit

Reddit user chetchetchet1 posted this photo online along with the caption, “My dad looking fresh in his waiters uniform from the early ’80s in NYC.

About 15 years after he immigrated to America alone at the age of 16.”

Hard Core

This woman was in the military in the 1980s. It looks like the camo uniform suits her super well, and that hat is everything.

Thank you for your service, wherever you are now.

Running With The Torch

This is a photo of Reddit user Ectobatic and his father in 1984, as they run with the Olympic torch.

What an incredible opportunity! If I were them I would have this framed on my wall.

Perfect Hair

This hair is quintessential ’80s fashion. Her bangs are at the perfect length and that sweater looks super cozy.

Do think there’s any chance that we could go back to this aesthetic?

So Edgy

This is what everybody looked like in the 1980s. Okay, maybe not everybody, but definitely a significant percentage of the population.

Such unique hairstyles… Which of these styles is your favorite?

High Flying

The ’80s was really the golden age of BMX bikes. These kids look like they’re having the best time.

Let’s bring BMX bikes back to the 2020s. They look like so much fun!

Strike A Pose

Reddit user bejewell posted a photo of her mom online. This photo was taken in the early ’80s.

It looks like this mom really understands her angles. What a model.

Lounging In The Sea

Well, this might take the award for the most glamorous photo on this list.

woman on yamaha ski do

This looks like a scene straight out of Baywatch. That neon yellow bathing suit is everything.

Mr. Pizza Hut

This Pizza Hut employee from the 1980s has quite a head of hair. I wonder how long it took him to get those perfect poofy blonde waves.

pizza hut guy

He doesn’t look too thrilled in this shot, however.

A Happy Family

This family photo from the ’80s is giving us major turn-of-the-decade vibes.

The guy on the left has the best mustache I’ve ever seen. And they all look so happy… at least the people in the front row.