Step Your Potty Training Up With This Toilet Training Step Ladder

Training your child to use a toilet is a long, exhausting journey. Sure, once you’re finally done with diapers it’s a huge relief and will save you a ton of money, but potty training can be frustrating for both you and your child.

Once they get used to using a potty training seat, the next step is to get them using the real toilet. Unfortunately, some kids just aren’t tall enough to take on the great porcelain beast. That’s where this potty training step ladder comes into play.

It Easily Snaps Onto Your Toilet

toddler potty training ladder
Photo Credit: Etsy / Sfree2011L
Photo Credit: Etsy / Sfree2011L

The great thing about this potty training step ladder is how flexible it is, with adjustable legs to fit almost any toilet. Also, it has anti-slip feet to stay steady as your child climbs up and gets used to the real thing.