Richard Gere’s Third Marriage Can Teach Us All Some Useful Tips

They say that the third time’s a charm, and that seems to be the case when it comes to Richard Gere’s third wife, Alejandra Silva. Gere doesn’t just talk about how grateful he is for her, but he actually shows it through some pretty impressive actions. See how the actor makes his wife feel like she’s living in a fairytale.

Gere Has Been In Her Life For Some Time

When Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva reconnected in 2014, it wasn’t the first time they’d met. It turns out that the actor is a long-time friend of Silva’s family.

ELI GOROSTEGI/AFP via Getty Images
ELI GOROSTEGI/AFP via Getty Images

Meanwhile, the actor was a Hollywood heartthrob and was “gearing” up to marry his first wife, model Cindy Crawford. Still, his history with Silva’s family would make their joining decades later that much smoother.