Safety First: Tips To Stay Safe If You Live Alone

While having your home to yourself can feel liberating, it could also come with some concerns. Those living single or spending time alone in the house have to stay vigilant by having a good security system and not partake in certain activities like sharing vacation plans on social media. Also, adopting a dog or fixing an appliance can give you more confidence. Continue reading to get some helpful advice on the best tips for people living by themselves or when you’re the only one home.

Always Keep The Curtains Closed If You’re Not Home

It’s always important to make sure everything in your house is safe and secure before leaving. One thing those living alone should do before going away is close the curtains or blinds.

a girl closing the blinds inside a house
Joshua Rawson-Harris
Joshua Rawson-Harris

This is crucial because if outsiders have a way to see into your home, they can figure out if you have anything that’s worth stealing. They’ll also be able to tell if anyone is home and can track when you enter and exit the house.