Single-Mom Photographer Documents Her Son Growing Up In The Most Touching Way

Taiwanese photographer Annie Wang took on the ambitious task of fusing two very different realms of her life together with her photo series “Mother As A Creator.” She decided to self-represent her own life as a single mother instead of being “passively interpreted by a male artist” by documenting her’s and her son’s lives as he grows up.

The photos are an intimate look into Annie’s and her son’s life, and just show the power that lies in representing yourself as you wish to be seen.

2001, “The Day Before I Was Due To Give Birth”

annie wang pregnant
Photo Credit: JayJayDuke / Imgur
Photo Credit: JayJayDuke / Imgur

For this beautiful image, Annie’s scrawled “My belly, my baby, Annie, 4th June 2001” on her stomach. Like the title says, this was taken the day before she gave birth. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the birth of the photo series also began with the birth of her son.