Study Finds That Parents Are Actually The Worst Drivers

If you’ve ever thought that the times you’ve one-handedly broken up a kicking and screaming match between your kids in the backseat maybe weren’t shining moments on your driving record, then you’re absolutely right. And there’s data here to support that.

A study done by the Australian insurance company AAMI found that parents were the most dangerous drivers out of everyone. That’s a tough title to grab over your 16-year-old nephew who only steers with two fingers and sometimes locks his keys in the car. But hey, congrats for beating him out.

School Pick Up Time Is The Most Dangerous Time To Drive

mom yelling in car
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Nobody likes sitting in the school pick-up zone and collecting our kids when we could be doing other more exciting things, like doing the literal mountain of things on our to-do list. But it turns out it’s also more dangerous for you.

The AAMNI Crash index looked at over 340,000 car accident insurance claims from 2018-2019 and found that the riskiest time to be on the road is from 1 pm-4:30 pm. That’s not rush hour and that’s not the 2 am-3 am rush home after the bar—that’s when you’re trying to corral your kids into the car so you can all get home in one piece.