Study Finds That Parents Are Actually The Worst Drivers

Over A Quarter Of Accidents Happen At Pick-Up Time

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Photo Credit: @_blahblake / Unsplashed
Photo Credit: @_blahblake / Unsplashed

According to the AAMNI, of all the claims they analyzed, 27% of them were for the 1 pm-4:30 pm block. That means that your chances of having an accident during school pick-up times are much higher than they would be at any other time on the road.

And really, who’s surprised by this? We all know how riled up our kids get the minute we stuff them in the car and how ready they are to fight with each other about anything and everything. It’s even worse because we’re tired too after working and running around all day, so their misbehavior is more likely to be distracting while we’re trying to concentrate on the roads.