Study Shows Sleeping Next To Our Kids Is Normal And Probably Better

Co-sleeping, or “trying to fall asleep while your child kicks you in the back all night long,” as it’s more commonly known, may be a nightmare for a lot of American parents, but it might actually be the norm.

Robert and Sarah LeVine, researchers at Harvard University, have found that what’s normal to us (putting our babies to bed in a separate room or bed) is actually abnormal in other parts of the world. Moreover, co-sleeping might be better for your kids. So next time your baby soils their diaper in the bed beside you, just tell scientific research that it’s their turn to change it.

Doctors Have Always Pushed Separate Sleeping

baby sleeping in bed
Photo Credit: @brytny / Unsplash
Photo Credit: @brytny / Unsplash

We all want what’s best for our kids, so of course we want them to develop the best sleeping habits possible. So naturally, the LeVines wanted to figure out if the rumors about separate sleeping with infants were true.

As parents, we’ve been told for many years about the importance of teaching your child to sleep on their own from a young age. Not only do we do this because we want just a few hours of peace of quiet (remember those?), but because we’ve been warned by doctors about the dangers of accidentally rolling over and suffocating our children.