Study Shows That Early School Start Times Are Bad For Teens

While I personally have repressed most of my memories from high school, there’s one thing I do remember with vivid hatred: having to wake up so early to go to class every day. I would snooze my alarm multiple times before dragging myself out of bed, putting on the most convenient outfit I could, and making my way to the bus stop.

While students have been complaining about early start times for years, their comments have been brushed off by most adults.

Most High Schools Have Early Start Times

clock on the wall
Photo Credit: Pexels / Cats Coming
Photo Credit: Pexels / Cats Coming

Most high schools will start classes before 8:30 a.m., causing students to have to get up very early to get ready and account for commute time.

This is exaggerated for students whose extracurricular activities take place before classes start.