Tech-Free Ways For Stay-At-Home Parents To Keep Their Kids Entertained

Whether you’re a dad who works from home or a stay-at-home mom, accomplishing anything while trying to also entertain your children can be a job in itself, and sometimes you run out of ideas.

You’re trying to avoid being the parent who always gives their kid the iPad for entertainment, but you also really need to finish this one spreadsheet for your boss. So how do you keep your kids busy? Here are some suggestions that will benefit both you and your kid.

They Can Throw A Party For Their Toys

throwing a party for stuffed animals
Photo Credit: Pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Give them construction paper, tape, streamers, whatever they may need to properly decorate for their favorite stuffed animal’s birthday, and let them get as creative as they want. While you’re working, they’ll be decorating, and then you both get to go to a party at the end.