The Real Lives Of Wholesome TV Dads

The greatest dads on television were always there for their children, whether they were helping them through preteen growing pains or offering sage advice on dealing school bullies. They were hard-working, wholesome family men who embodied an American ideal. But the actors who portrayed them didn’t always live up to their fictional roles.

Tim Allen as Tim Taylor (Home Improvement)


The American sitcom Home Improvement aired on ABC from September 1991 to May 1999, and launched comedian Tim Allen’s acting career. The series centered on the Taylor family of Tim (Tim Allen), his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson), and their three children, Brad, Randy, and Mark.

Tim Taylor is the stereotypical wholesome American dad. He loves power tools, sports, and cars. As a former salesman for the Binford Tool company, Tim hosts his own Binford-sponsored home improvement show called Tool Time, though he’s accident prone for a handyman. While Tim Taylor is an affable family man on the show, Tim Allen’s life while filming was decidedly less wholesome.