The World’s Largest Coffee Mug Is Here To Properly Fuel You

Let’s face it, when is just one mug of coffee enough? Between screaming children all day, a snoring spouse all night, and still managing to get in 60 minutes of exercise, each day exhausts you before it even begins.

What if there was a way to take in more caffeine with less effort, while also giving everyone around a good laugh?

The Answer To Your Sleep-Deprived, Over-Worked, Not Enough-Hours-In-The-Day Prayers

woman holding giant coffee mug
Photo Credit: Allures and Illusions / Amazon
Photo Credit: Allures and Illusions / Amazon

Allow me to introduce you to the world’s largest coffee mug. By “large,” I do actually mean larger than your purse and possibly larger than your dog. This cup is 11 inches wide and 9 inches tall. That’s got to be more than a whole pot of coffee.

I would, however, not advise you to wear white while consuming it.