These Woman Are Sharing Candid Images Of Their Postpartum Bodies

Having a baby is no joke. It really takes a toll on your body. The traditional media might have you believe that women “bounce back” hours after they deliver, but that just isn’t the case. There’s just no way that a uterus can shrink back that quickly.

Keep reading to see some women who are being refreshingly honest about their postpartum journeys on social media. This is what real motherhood looks like. These women are incredible.

The Stages Of Life

This woman took a photo of herself while she was pregnant, right after she gave birth, and a couple of weeks after she gave birth.

She looks stunning in all three of these photos.

Right After

This photo was taken in the hospital bathroom the day after this woman gave birth.

She looks a little tired, but also absolutely radiant. This is an absolutely incredible photo.

A First Time Mom

This woman just became a mom for the first time. She looks like she’s absolutely in love with her new baby.

In time her belly will shrink down, but for now, she’s still healing.

Getting Back Into It

This woman just started working out six weeks after giving birth to her baby.

She looks like she’s ready to make some time for herself while she takes care of her infant.

A Happy Mom

This woman gave birth not too long ago, and she’s starting to love her postpartum body.

She posted this photo on Instagram to show other moms what a postpartum belly looks like.

One Step At A Time

This mom is taking parenting one step at a time, while she’s in her pajamas of course.

Who says you have to get dressed up to take care of a baby?

Before And After

This woman took a picture of herself before and after giving birth to her first baby.

Her stomach looks so much smaller already. A whole baby came out of there!

Living Her Best Life

This mom looks so happy to be sharing an honest photo of her postpartum body online.

She is absolutely glowing! That black lingerie set looks amazing on her. Also, her tattoos are amazing.

Her First Meal

This mom just worked super hard to push out an eight-pound baby, so it’s only fair that she gets to celebrate with a fresh cheeseburger.

This is truly a breakfast of champions.

Eat While You Can

Being a new mom is super time consuming. It’s hard to find time to eat a solid, filling meal.

This mom found a way to eat while her baby eats.

Love Your Skin

This mom shared a photo of the loose skin around her stomach postpartum.

After your belly has a whole baby in it, your skin is going to look a little different, and that’s totally okay.

A Post-Baby Belly

This mom took a picture of her own belly post-baby and then posted that photo online.

I think she looks absolutely stunning. This is what the postpartum experience really looks like.

In The Days After

This new mom posted a black and white photo of herself standing on a bathroom scale.

She looks a bit different from what she looked like before she got pregnant, but she definitely looks equally as beautiful.

Sharing The Truth

This woman took a stunning mirror selfie of her body post-pregnancy.

That orange bra and underwear set looks amazing on her. She looks as beautiful as ever. You got this, mama!

A Lot Of Changes

After you have a baby, it’s not just your tummy that looks different. There are so many bodily changes that you have to come to terms with.

This mom looks like she’s taking it all in stride.

A Warrior Stance

This mom feels no shame about the way her belly looks post-baby. Look at that warrior stance!

She’s a fighter and she knows it. She’s basically a real-life super hero.

A Few Hours Later

This mom’s belly already looks smaller one day post birth, but she definitely doesn’t look like her pre-baby self quite yet.

That’s totally okay! It will take her some time to feel like herself again.

A Brand New Baby

This mom looks so happy to be cuddling her new baby.

Yeah, she’s a bit bigger around the middle right now, but she just gave birth to a whole baby!

Working Hard

This mom just had a baby and she’s already on the move.

She’s wearing her baby so that she can still have her hands free to get some work done while she’s being a mom.

Tiger Stripes

This woman is showing off her brand new tiger stripes on Instagram. She definitely earned those stripes.

Her body looks absolutely stunning in that blue yoga outfit. Postpartum bodies rule!