Things Children Without Siblings And Their Parents Are Tired Of Hearing

Deciding to have children is one of the biggest responsibilities you’ll take on in your life, whether you choose to have one, two, or seven children. Many couples seem to choose to have two or more, leaving the parents of only children to fend off a lot of questions.

People have the misconception that if you’re an only child you’re going to grow up to be a certain type of person, and those concerns are often shared with parents. While your concerns are heard, parents of only children are sick of hearing them.

“They’ll Have To Take Care Of You In Your Old Age”

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Photo Credit: Unsplash / Max Goncharov
Photo Credit: Unsplash / Max Goncharov

If you have multiple children, there’s no guarantee that they’re all going to equally share the task of taking care of you or your spouse when you’re older. Instead, focus on raising your child or children to be kind, caring people and you’ll have more of a guarantee.