This Corgi Butt Tissue Dispenser Is The Missing Piece You Need In Your Life

How many times have you been driving along and sneezed but didn’t have a tissue, or your kid has spilled something that they swore they wouldn’t spill and you had nothing to clean it up with? You need easily accessible tissues at all times when you’re driving.

Then we come to the issue of not wanting to have a big ol’ box of kleenex floating around the backseat or stuck in your glove box. Luckily for everyone, we’ve got the perfect solution to that very dire problem: a tissue box holder shaped like a cute li’l corgi butt that attaches to your seat.

You Didn’t Even Realize You Were Missing It

corgi butt car tissue holder
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That’s right, you heard me correctly. All your prayers have been answered, all your dreams have been realized. You can now pimp out your ride à la MTV circa 2006 with the Corgi butt tissue box holder that is as soft as it is cute.