This New Glow In The Dark Potty Trainer Will Finally Help Your Child With Their Aim

Amazon is here to provide us with a quality product that will put an end to your constant struggle with getting your kid potty trained correctly. Actually, definitely not ending it because that would literally be too good to be true for you and your kids. It might, however, slightly lower your chances of stepping on urine in the middle of the night.

The Toddler Target Potty Trainer turns your child’s potty training into a fun little game because someone’s got to have fun here. You’re definitely not so at least your kids will be.

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It’s Got A Bullseye Nightlight

toilet aim
Photo Credit: Toddler Target / Amazon
Photo Credit: Toddler Target / Amazon

This isn’t your grandma’s potty trainer—this is a new and improved potty trainer for all parents living in the year 3,000. The trainer is evolved way past the classic plastic squatters of the pioneer times and it’s using technology to help your kids do what they need to do.

The Amazon trainer works by projecting a glow-in-the-dark bullseye onto the toilet bowl. When kids stand or sit they can take aim and fire away to try and hit the bullseye. It doesn’t move though… that would be horrible.

It Works As A Nightlight Too, Which Makes The Toilet Way Less Scary

potty trainer light
Photo Credit: Toddler Target / Amazon
Photo Credit: Toddler Target / Amazon

When it comes to potty training, we’ve heard every excuse in the book—especially when it comes to going in the middle of the night. We get that it can be scary, but when that means they hold it and then wet the bed we can safely say we’re pretty much over that.

The trainer‘s fun little bullseye also acts as a nightlight so your kid won’t feel like they’re stumbling through the valley of death when they’ve got to get up and go. Plus, it makes the toilet look like it’s glowing green and what’s cooler than that?

It Literally Saves You Space And The Pleasure Of Handling Gross Stuff

kid stanidng by toilet
Photo Credit: Toddler Target / Amazon
Photo Credit: Toddler Target / Amazon

The trainer can easily be stuck onto the lid of the toilet—and I don’t have to tell you how convenient that is. It’s like hanging up a painting with one of those sticky hooks except this is some DIY painting… if you catch my drift.

Instead of buying one of those gross little stools that take up space and start to smell way too insane after a while no matter what, buy the light and it will guide you through these dark times. Because there’s nothing darker than kid-pee soaking through your sock.