Why Haven’t We Always Been Drying Our Dishes Like This?

Everyone makes a big deal about praising the person who does all the cooking in the house, but what about the people who clean up after? It’s great that we have a 10-course meal, but now we have 100 dishes that need to be cleaned up. Was that really worth it for 7 different kinds of Mac and cheese?

If you’re the person who’s always doing the cleaning, you know that counter space comes at a premium. So when we spotted this stainless steel kitchen rack we immediately saw how it was going to change the way we clean up after a big meal.

Everything’s An Arm Away

kitchen rack
Photo Credit: Amazon / Xue-shelf
Photo Credit: Amazon / Xue-shelf

Cleaning up after a big meal can mean using all the counter space as a drying area, and that usually means you’re going to have another mess to clean up after everything dries. This stainless steel kitchen rack fits perfectly over the sink, so all that excess water falls back into the sink and your counters remain empty.