It Turns Out That Women Who Give Birth In Their 30s Might Live Longer

It’s easy to joke that kids take years off of our lives with all the sleepless nights and endless arguments about how much they don’t want to go to bed (which you never really win). But did you know that when you have kids can make a huge difference in your health? Science says it probably does.

According to a study done at the University of Coimbra in Portugal, women who waited to have their first child until they were at least 30 lived longer than other mothers. So read on to see what their research says and remember, don’t let any annoying relative decide for you when it’s right for you to start a family.

They Wanted To Figure Out What Impacts A Woman’s Life Span

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Photo Credit: xaviermoutonphotographie / Unsplashed
Photo Credit: xaviermoutonphotographie / Unsplashed

The researchers at the University of Coimbra wanted to figure out what factors determined a woman’s lifespan. They collected female lifespan data from European Union countries from 2004-2013 to figure out if there’s a link between a woman’s life expectancy and the age at which she gives birth.

They found that there were “several determinant factors of a women’s life expectancy. The most surprising factor is the age of women at pregnancy.” They found that on average, mothers who gave birth to their first child in their 30s were more likely to live longer lives.