It Turns Out That Women Who Give Birth In Their 30s Might Live Longer

Women In Their 30s Have Higher Chances Of Conceiving Than Ever Before

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Photo Credit: dexswaggerboy / Unsplashed
Photo Credit: dexswaggerboy / Unsplashed

The same 300-year-old study that said that having kids was more likely earlier in a woman’s 20s also said that only two-thirds of women in their 30s were likely to conceive. While this may have been true back in the 1700s when people had less reliable healthcare, nutrition, and generally lived shorter and harder lives, this isn’t the case today.

A 2004 study by Dr. David Dunson found that 82% of women between 35-39 were able to become pregnant within a year as long as they were trying at least twice a week. Which is excellent odds and all the more reason to not stress about timelines or your intrusive extended family asking when you’re going to have kids.