These Women Were Photographed Before And After Becoming Mothers

Becoming a mother is a huge life transition. Photographer Vaida Razmislavičė decided to create a photo series documenting how women change physically when they turn into mothers. The series is called Becoming A Mother. Vaida photographed 33 women, before and after they delivered their firstborn.

Vaida said, “For this photo idea, I chose a very simple format, as if I was taking passport photos. I wanted to highlight my model’s gaze, taking away everything that would interfere with it (i.e. the belly).”

Straight Hair, Don’t Care

mom hair
Photo: Vaida Markevičiūtė
Photo: Vaida Markevičiūtė

Either this woman has time to straighten her hair post-baby, or she has naturally straight hair and she had time to curl it before the baby was born. We might never know the truth.