Women Share The Weirdest, Most Ridiculous Advice They Received While Pregnant

If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that everyone and their mother has something to say about your pregnancy. They might think they’re being helpful, or they’re just being critical, but you’re definitely going to get some unsolicited advice.

Some of it will be helpful advice that you actually need to know, but not all of it. Someone is going to tell you about the absolute horror that was their first birth, or that you’re allowed to have a bottle of wine while pregnant, and you just have to smile, nod, and then write it off.

Don’t Let The Dolphins Near Your Baby

dolphin birth pregnant advice
Photo Credit: Unsplash / Damian Patkow & Reddit / scibec
Photo Credit: Unsplash / Damian Patkow & Reddit / scibec

We’re not even going to touch the vaccination comment because that’s a can of worms we don’t want to open, but since when is giving birth with dolphins an option?