You Can Buy A 1.5 Pound Bag Of Cereal Marshmallows Because They’re The Best Part Anyway

Out of all the different types of cereal out there, Lucky Charms is among the best. My parents would never buy it, so I had to wait until I slept over at a friend’s place to snag a bowl of that sweet, sugary goodness, and I’d actively try to get as many marshmallows as possible.

However, with this bag of marshmallows available online, you can cut out the middle man (the gross actual-cereal part).

That’s A Lot Of Marshmallows…

large bag of cereal marshmallows
Photo Credit: Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon

Available on Amazon, this bag containing 1.5 lbs of colorful cereal marshmallows allows adults to indulge in their sugary cereal cravings without having to pick through the other pieces in a regular box.