These Brides Transformed Their Mothers’ Wedding Dresses Into Modern Marvels

Wedding dresses can be super expensive. Even if you chose not to buy a designer dress, most wedding dresses cost well over a thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money to spend on a dress that you’re only going to wear once.

It’s a lot more cost-effective, sentimental, and environmentally friendly to repurpose a dress that you already have— like your mother’s wedding dress for instance. That’s exactly what all of the brides on this list decided to do.

Goodbye Sleeves!

This dress was stunning back in its day, but full lace sleeves and puffy shoulders are a bit outdated.

old wedding dress with sleeves removed
sunshinediarhea / Reddit
sunshinediarhea / Reddit

This bride removed the sleeves from her mom’s wedding dress to create her perfect wedding look.