Bride Pays Server To Ruin Mother In Law’s Dress For Wearing White To Her Wedding

They say that a bride’s wedding day should be all about her. Then there are mothers-in-law who claim that it’s their day too because without them the groom wouldn’t even exist and there wouldn’t be a wedding.

But, does that give them the right to break the universal law that dictates that only the bride can wear white? To this bride, that meant she was stealing her spotlight.

Chloe Was Not Used To Being A Server

Chloe very briefly worked in the silver service. She explains that she has dyspraxia, which is a condition that affects physical coordination.

chloe on tik tok talking about her career
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok

Plus she was already generally clumsy and was dropping things, so she didn’t see this career as the best fit for herself.