Bride Pays Server To Ruin Mother In Law’s Dress For Wearing White To Her Wedding

They say that a bride’s wedding day should be all about her. Then there are mothers-in-law who claim that it’s their day too because without them the groom wouldn’t even exist and there wouldn’t be a wedding.

But, does that give them the right to break the universal law that dictates that only the bride can wear white? To this bride, that meant she was stealing her spotlight.

Chloe Was Not Used To Being A Server

Chloe very briefly worked in the silver service. She explains that she has dyspraxia, which is a condition that affects physical coordination.

chloe on tik tok talking about her career
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok

Plus she was already generally clumsy and was dropping things, so she didn’t see this career as the best fit for herself.

She Spilled A Whole Boat Of Gravy On One Of The Guests

This the first (and actually only) ceremony Chloe had ever served. She was just trying to do her best.

chloe on tiktok explaining she spilled a boat on gravy
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok

Instead, Chloe accidentally spilled “a whole boat of gravy” onto the lap of the bride’s mother-in-law. She says that it went everywhere.

Chloe Thought She Had Ruined The Whole Wedding

Thankfully, even though the gravy was hot, it didn’t burn the mother-in-law. Still, she had to drive off to go home to get changed.

chloe explains that the gravy didn't burn
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok

Chloe was young and couldn’t help but cry: ” I was beside myself crying. I was so upset because I thought that I’d ruined this couple’s wedding.”

The Bride Thanked Her For Ruining The MIL’S White Dress

Expecting to confront an angry bride, the bride came over to Chloe, shook her hand, and thanked her instead.

the mil had to get get changed but they were local
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok

She unknowingly became the bride’s accomplice who was angry that her mother-in-law wore white to her wedding.

She Gave Her A 55 Pound Tip

The bride even went the extra step and tipped Chloe a whole 55 pounds extra (that’s $75 American.)

She was so glad this accident happened that every time she sees Chloe in the city, she stops to say hi to her.

It’s A Universal Law

In general, it’s not appropriate for guests to wear white to a wedding. This is like a universal law that dates back but for some reason, never went out of fashion.

bride showing off dress beside groom
Photo Credit: Vitor Pinto / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Vitor Pinto / Unsplash

In origin, white is the color of purity. Back in the day when women had to save themselves for marriage, wearing a white dress was symbolic of her transition into consummating her new life with her husband.

It’s A Way For The Bride To Stand Out

Today the color doesn’t have the same symbolism but is still a way for the bride to stand out and feel like the center of the event.

older woman holding white dress in closet
Photo Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels
Photo Credit: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels

Out of respect to that, other guests should know to stay away from wearing the same color unless they ask for permission.

People Wondered If The Tip Truly Came After The Accident

One person responded asking: “are you sure the tip came after the ‘accident’ not before?” It’s a fair question to ask considering the bride’s reaction.

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 30 : Make Ahead Turkey Gravy for Voraciously Recipe Roundup Thanksgiving at The Washington Post via Getty Images in Washington DC on October 30, 2019.
Photo Credit: Justin Tsucalas/ Getty
Photo Credit: Justin Tsucalas/ Getty

In fact, others shared similar experiences in the comment section about spilling red wine over mothers-in-law wearing white while getting cheered on.

Others Say It’s Karma

Most comments agreed that it almost seems like fate that the universe put Chloe in the right place to grant the bride her wish that day.

the bride thanked Chloe and tipped her, she explains
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok
Photo Credit: chloe_beeee / Tik Tok

One person said: ” She probably tells everyone about the person who saved her on her wedding day.” Maybe karma is real after all!