Dad’s Gonna Love Telling People To ‘Take Your Top Off’ With This Bottle Opener

Summer’s just around the corner and we’re all itching to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. That means setting up the patio, starting up the grill, and having a few brews as we stare out at a freshly mowed lawn.

The biggest problem with those brews is the pocket full of caps you end up with. Well, now you can set up this hilarious bottle opener that’s going to lead to a lot of dad jokes.

I Can Hear Him Laughing Now

take top off bottle opener on wall
Photo Credit: Etsy / RustedRoost
Photo Credit: Etsy / RustedRoost

Every dad needs a way to open his bottle, and this bottle opener has it all. It’s made of wood, it collects all of the caps, and he can say ‘can I take your top off’ to anyone who walks by and flash them a cheesy grin.