Dad Shares His Kid’s Adorable Names For ‘Star Wars’ Characters And The Internet Responds With Their Own Kidisms

Kids—they live in a completely different world than us all. It’s a strange land with unfamiliar things that look exactly like the stuff we have but are called completely different things. Ketchup? That’s tomato blend in their language. And yeah, anytime you ask them to explain their “kidisms,” you feel like you’re tripping.

One dad, Brian Altano, drew a helpful map on Twitter for the names his 20-month-old daughter uses for Star Wars characters—and it’s pretty incredible. The internet responded with their own kid sayings, and someone grab a dictionary because some of these aren’t half bad.

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star wars character names
Photo Credit: @agentbizzle / Twitter
Photo Credit: @agentbizzle / Twitter

I mean, in an ideal world, Princess Leia wouldn’t just be called “Yeah,” Han Solo wouldn’t be deli meat, and Jabba the Hutt wouldn’t be known for his dad bod (because ours are superior), but we’re not in an ideal world. We’re in the mind of Brian’s daughter, and it’s all kinds of wonderful and weird.