Designs That Will Confuse Children—And Their Parents

Being in charge of designing products—whether it’s a hand soap dispenser or a children’s playground slide—can’t be an easy job, but someone has to do it. We’re not saying that we’re qualified for the job, but have you ever seen something in a store that’s so messed up it just makes you go “huh?”

When it comes to designing products geared toward parents or children especially, there is sometimes a disconnect where the product is going to end up causing a lot more confusion than it’s worth, and that’s what we’re highlighting.

Help The Environment By Poisoning All The Animals

help the environment by littering
Photo Credit: Reddit / FinnMac93
Photo Credit: Reddit / FinnMac93

Despite what these garbage cans imply, you should probably focus on teaching your kids not to feed their garbage or leftovers to random animals at the zoo—or anywhere, for that matter. Otherwise, you’re going to come home to find your kids befriending the raccoons that live under your deck.