Exhausted Parents Who Can’t Wait For School To Start Again

Parents love their kids more than anything in the world and truly cherish getting to watch them grow and learn. However, that does not mean that parents want to spend every waking moment with their snotty, messy, chaotic little humans.

Sometimes, parents are forced to take the reins on their kids’ daily activities, and they are counting down the days until school is open again.

It’s Going To Be A Long Six Weeks

day two of six-week break and my kid already broke the T.V. (photo of damaged t.v. screen)
Photo Credit: Reddit / thatoneperson1000
Photo Credit: Reddit / thatoneperson1000

Despite whatever other activities you want to lay out for your kids, it’s nice to know that you always have the safe fallback of putting on a movie. This parent is in it for the long haul.