These Hilariously Unphotogenic Family Dogs Are Looking A Little Ruff

We’ve all had our rough days where we look a little worse for wear. Heck, I’ve been having decades of rough days, so I’m pretty much the word’s first and foremost tenured “rough day” expert. But these dogs are really coming for my title.

These poor dogs are relatable to all of us who can’t seem to take a normal photo. They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but it doesn’t say of what. In a lot of these cases, it’s probably rabies.

This Jailbird Has Seen Some Stuff On The Inside

dog poking its nose through bars
Photo Credit: chebba98 / Reddit
Photo Credit: chebba98 / Reddit

Life on the inside is hard. The only bed you get is the cheap one from the dollar store, the dog food is stale, and the only calls you get are from squirrels taunting you. No wonder this dog looks like it’s losing its mind. And its face shape.