Grab The Ice, Because These Kids Accidentally Roasted Their Unsuspecting Parents

Kids have never heard of the old “foot-in-mouth” syndrome, so they’re completely fine with standing by the little savage digs they drop on us. Anytime they compliment you, you can bet it’s going to be a backhanded one. The worst part is you know deep down it’s true.

Parents took to Twitter to share the times their kids accidentally flamed them. Are they hilarious? Yes. Are they making us all walk on eggshells and look our best around our clearly very judgmental toddlers? Absolutely.

That Time Having Two Moms Meant Something Completely Different

tweet about two moms
Photo Credit: @aubreyhirsch / Twitter
Photo Credit: @aubreyhirsch / Twitter

I’ve been the “other mom” my whole life, so it would be great if I could be the “pretty mom” for once. Oh wait, I can be—if we all just close our eyes when I’m around.