Kids Who Probably Won’t Be Left Alone Again Until They Leave For College

Parents always have funny stories about when we were kids and the kinds of crazy shenanigans that we would get up to. We laugh it off, thinking that we were just weird kids and that otherwise, children keep out of trouble if they’re looked after.

Well, that is, if they’re looked after at literally all times! The moment you take your eyes off a child, even for a second, they’ve probably already gotten themselves into a whole world of trouble.

We Might Have A Future Makeup Enthusiast On Our Hands

a kid colored all over their dog
Photo Credit: Imgur / heisenburgerballs
Photo Credit: Imgur / heisenburgerballs

At least the dog doesn’t look bad. Like, the different colors just make them cute in a whole new way. They look like a cartoon character from a children’s show.