These Parents Prove That Helping Their Kids With Homework Really Might Be The Death Of Them

Helping your kids with their homework is something that every parent experiences, but it’s not always an easy experience. You will never doubt yourself more than when you realize that you’re incapable of helping your child with their sixth grade math homework.

Your kids will realize you actually don’t know everything, you and your husband will realize you’ve forgotten everything you learned in school, and everyone will leave disappointed. Your only solace is that every parent goes through it.

Crying Is Always Part Of The Equation

crying while helping with math
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mommajessiec
Photo Credit: Twitter / @mommajessiec

If you’re ever going to have a moment where you question whether or not you’re qualified to be a parent, it’s probably going to be during a time when you’re helping them with their math homework.