People Proving Marriage Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

If your marriage is all sunshine and rainbows, and you’ve never had an argument with your spouse, good for you! But also, we don’t want to hear it. For most people, regardless of how much they love their partner, marriage is not easy.

You’re incapable of winning an argument against your wife, or your husband refuses to learn how to properly load the dishwasher despite years of you explaining it to him, and that’s just how your life is.

Bring Your A Game

hiding cookie dough in a container you know your spouse doesn't open
Photo Credit: Reddit / LifeWithAdd
Photo Credit: Reddit / LifeWithAdd

The key to a successful marriage is to figure out your spouse’s weaknesses and then exploit them. This man doesn’t want to have to share his cookie dough, and he knew his wife hates Greek yogurt, so he used that to his advantage. Game, set, match.