Photographic Proof That Being An Older Sibling Is A Different Kind Of Life

People talk all the time about how parents raise their first child in a way where they read all the parenting books and are super overprotective, but then their second child comes around and things are different. Parents are a little more relaxed and don’t seem as worried about kid number two.

This is true, it happens, but it creates a complex situation for the older sibling. Any older sibling will know that their younger siblings are kind of like their children, arch-nemeses, and best friends all rolled into one.

Good Luck Ever Getting Any Privacy

a bunch of books stacked on one another to block the door
Photo Credit: Reddit / the_sponge_man
Photo Credit: Reddit / the_sponge_man

When you’re the oldest sibling, your privacy and alone time mean as little to your siblings as your parents’ privacy. Basically, you should be at their disposal at all times.

This, of course, means taking some pretty serious measures to get some alone time.