Pics That Prove Teens Are Worse Than Toddlers

Children are a handful through all stages of life. You have their infancy, in which they are pretty much helpless; you have their terrible twos and the other joys of toddlerhood; then you have their middle school years where they start to get sassy and don’t think they need you—and then you end up with teenagers.

Teenagers are their own ball game because now those children have become sort-of-adults, and they’re trapped between acting like children and being a grown-up. Hint: They don’t do either very well.

That’s Going To Be An Awkward Drive To The Hospital

a girl got a hammer stuck in her mouth
Photo Credit: Twitter / @rosesvts
Photo Credit: Twitter / @rosesvts

At least she won’t be able to talk back to her parents when they lecture her on putting things in her mouth that shouldn’t go there…especially a hammer. Really, no one should have had to explain this to her.