Proof Babysitters Don’t Get Paid Nearly Enough To Deal With Our Kids

We all how destructive and weird our kids can be. It’s like they were sent down from an alien planet determined to make us only slightly crazier. Not enough to destroy the human race, but just a little bit so that we lie in bed at night thinking about why our brain hurts.

Hats off to babysitters for putting in the part-time demon-wrangling that they do because it’s one heck of a job.

This Babysitter Needs Therapy Now

drawing new face babysitter
Photo Credit: @alketrolyat / Twitter
Photo Credit: @alketrolyat / Twitter

What was once a beautiful drawing now looks like some sort of Victorian ghost that met an untimely end. If you say its name in the mirror three times, your child will figure out a way to unlock the bathroom door and appear behind you.