The Strangest Gifts Parents Have Ever Gotten Their Kids

Let me just start by saying that it’s the thought that counts—no matter how little thought it seems like people put into gifts. Parents are under a huge amount of stress trying to make ends meet and be good at this whole parenting thing…but sometimes they really do buy some seriously weird duds.

Here are items that people have received from their parents that left them all kinds of confused and uncomfortable. And really, there’s a lesson here, and it’s to just get your kids gift cards from now on.

Some Godly Looking Calendar Men

sexy priests calender
Photo Credit: Twitter / @tendergarbage
Photo Credit: Twitter / @tendergarbage

Priests can’t marry, but there’s no law against them being their hunky selves for a calendar shoot. I have to confess, I’d hang about three of these around my room and tell people I’m getting in touch with my spiritual side.