Tweets That Capture The Love/Hate Relationship Between Siblings

Having a sibling is like having a very annoying, evil devil living in the room across the hall from you. You fight over just about everything, inflict physical injury upon them, and relish when they cry—that is, until your parents catch you.

Explaining what it’s like to consistently want to torture your sibling while you simultaneously love them with your whole heart is confusing, but these tweets do a good job of capturing the sibling experience.

The Words “I’m Sorry” Will Never Leave My Lips

me and my siblings don't apologize we just find a way to talk again
Photo Credit: Twitter / @stayfrea_
Photo Credit: Twitter / @stayfrea_

All of our fights ended by one of us showing up and asking if the other wants to watch TV or go see a movie. The fight is never brought up ever again.